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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hot to the Touch

Original never published before. An Original Spotlite Book, written by Lee O/ Milelr and published by Nevada Paperbacks, Inc., in 1967.

From the back cover:
Sheila was a blonde, long-legged, and wild for action. She had an aura of sexuality and unleashed passion that set men afire.

After the pleasures of her body, other women seemed tame, because Sheila knew all the tricks that had ever been invented about pleasing males.


Woody Woodbury

The party record with a built-in blush. Published by Steroddities.

One of America's funniest men, his secret is a unique form of adult humor indigenous to the night club floor. His instruments are a piano and an audience -- and he manipulates the former as adroitly as he plays upon the latter.



Dedicated to the game. Collection of text and photographs by Tracy Funches and Rob Marriot, published by Harper Collins in 2002.

From the introduction by Chicago Michael Ace:
The book you're about to dive into constitutes one of the rare occasions when our particular lifestyle as hustlers and survivors is fairty portrayed, without ever yielding to stereotype or comedic misrepresentation. Seeing these pictures and reading this story, you will discover that Once Upon a Time in the Ghetto, long before the emergence of ballers, shot callers, high rollers, new jacks, and the like, we were the first of the easy-money boys. We were the slicksters and tricksters and gamesters who coined the ultimate title of honor and respect -- player! -- and bestowed that honorific epithet upon those who deserved it.
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Las Vegas Grind

A series of CDs from Crypt Records featuring obscure, sleazy strip club, cocktail lounge, and party rock and roll. Song titles from the series include "Beaver Shot" by The Periscopes, "Sweet Little Pussycat" by Andre Williams, and "Spunky Onions" by Billy Davis & The Legends.

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Flesh Focus

The finest in adult reading. Published by Rapture Books, no date specified.

From the first page:
"I have to say my prayers at the altra of love," she said, pushing me down in a chair and unzipping my pants.

"How can you pray with your mouth full?" I asked jokingly.

"That's how I pray, stupid!" she mumbled, as her tongue began a benediction no man could refuse.


Topless Watusi

1966 exploitation documentary featuring a perverse look at the strange world of modern sexuality. Included: The topless watusi.

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I, Pornographer

Sex is my business, and I love my work. Ad from 1970.


Sheri's Show Club

Apparently, gentlemen prefer Sheri's dancers 12-1, presumably determined by some sort of telephone survey.

Go-Go club in Omaha, Nebraska.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Eros in Orbis

Science fiction discovers Sex! Edited by Joseph Elder, published by Pocket Books, May, 1974.

From the back cover:
Does sex have a future?

In this mind-bending book, ten top science fiction writers answer that question. Among them are stories of:
* man's first mission to Mars, with all the astronaut's physical needs provided for
* the boy genius who sets out to invent a death ray and comes up with a powerful aphrodisiac instead
* the machine that permits a person sitting alone in his living room to make love to six or more partners simultaneously
* the sex life of disembodied human brain commanding a flight to the star Antares

Wednesday, February 01, 2006



Bawdy album by Roy Awbrey. From the back cover:

If it's laughter you're after -- and you laugh after you hear jokes that are not for children -- latch on to the comedy of RAY AWBREY and his COCKNBULLTALES. The wit and humor comes at you so fast you'll find you are laughing before you hear the next quip. The next quip comes so fast you'll find these TALES are belly-ticklers. You'll just laugh and laugh and laugh.