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Monday, January 16, 2006


2069 A Sex Odyssey

Properly speaking, this West German film from 1974 is called Ach jodel mir noch einen, which translates, roughly, as Oh, Yodel to Me Still One. It's also sometimes called Stoßtrupp Venus bläst zum Angriff, which, even more roughly, translates as Combat patrol Venus blows to the attack. Either of these would be terrific names, but it came to the United States as 2069: A Sex Odyssey, and so we're stuck with it.

This is a puzzling, if frequently entertaining, nudie-cutie in which a half-dozen comely space maidens descend on a snowy German villa in which all the men seem to still wear lederhosen. The extraterrestrials perform some sexual experiments on the natives, which is done in a Benny Hill-style of slapstick, and then the alien women settle down with the locals and have babies. The end.

This irresistable classic can be ordered here.


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