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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Carnival Strippers

Photographer Susan Meiselas, author of Carnival Strippers, befriended a carnival stripper troupe for three years beginning in 1972. These women took their chance to escape domesticity by joining the carnival as strippers. Meiselas took it upon herself to document it.

Meiselas's photos are black and white and grainy, but the subject matter is quite clear: sex. And neither Meiselas nor the strippers are shy about it. The author's lens captures strippers sitting casually backstage before they perform. The photos show them chatting or catching a quick snooze while sitting naked and wide-legged in medal folding chairs. More shocking, however, are the photos of these strippers on stage and how they interact with their audiences. Meiselas gets almost as close to the strippers audience members -- some of whom pay extra to bury their faces between a stripper's legs.

But this book here.


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