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Monday, January 16, 2006


Bettie Page

Film funnyman Harold Lloyd spent the large part of his later years doing what any of us would, really, if we had the time and money: He invited a series of gorgeous Hollywood honeys to his luxurious mansion, convinced them to peel off their clothes, and snapped photos of them, many in 3D. (Included among these was none other than Bettie Page, pictured above.)

Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3-D! collects a relatively small -- but nonetheless greatly appreciated -- sampling of these images. They're kitsch, to be certain: He photographs one model, drenched in blood, being attacked by a tiger rug; another has a model in a tutu menaced by a red-clad, drinning, white-faced devil. But the women are glorious creatures, and Lloyd's camera caresses their nubile bodies. Reportedly Lloyd was a perfect gentleman, and this was the only caressing that went on; one prefers not to believe it.

Purchase the book here.


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