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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Marisa Mell

You may not recognize Marisa Mell, but she's worth knowing. She is, after all, the Austrian beauty who costarred with John Phillip Law in 1968's Danger: Diabolik, a film that functions as pure pornography if you're obsessed with Sixties mod design. Mell and Law sashay around an unnamed European city in tight black clothes and oversized sunglasses, thieving gold from the government and jewels from the very wealthy. They then race their Jaguar back to their futuristic underground lair in order to make love beneath piles of money on a rotating circular bed.

Were this a Bond film, Diabolik would be the villain, and it is 007 who would enjoy the amorous embraces of the stunning Marisa Mell. However, this is not a Bond film, and thank goodness. Diabolik is gleefully immoral, and, with his pixie haricut and arch eyebrows, he sports the perfect Sixties profile. He drives an enviable car, has a wonderfully malicious sense of humor, and dotes on Marisa Mell. In the meanwhile, she never completely disrobes in this film -- director Mario Bava's one failing, corrected here.

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