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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Naked models painted blue

Models painted blue in the 1962 exploitation documentary Mondo Cane. They will soon rise and rub themselves against a canvas, creating a painting. Inspired by this sequence, Mondo-style shockumentaries often included scenes of beatnik artists coating topless females with expressive strokes of colors.

These later artistic undertakings were presumably all faked, but the Mondo Cane scene was the real thing. The artist was neo-dadaist Yves Klein, whose taste for a specific hue of blue was so pronounced that he patented it, and it is this blue (International Klein Blue, IKB, =PB29, =CI 77007) that coats his models in Mondo Cane. The resulting painting, "Suaire de Mondo Cane," now hangs at Minneapolis's famous Walker Art Center. Klein was reportedly humilaited by the film's use of his art; He died a few weeks after the film's debut of a heart attack.

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