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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Helen Lovett

This Rhino CD is mostly a compilation of two Sonny Lester LPs from the early sixties released as mock instructional albums titled How to Strip For Your Husband. The music is the sort of steamy bump-and-grind numbers you would associate with burlesque palaces. In fact, as an additional track, the CD includes Billy Rose's "The Stripper," the song most associated with classic dances performed by top-heavy females in pasties and a g-string.

These brassy numbers weren't really right for women looking to enject a little sauciness into their marriage. They're so brassy as to sound like satire, which, in the case of Lester's music, they were. Lester's inspiration for releasing albums of at-home striping songs came from a succesful routine from his stage act, a comical skit also titled "How to Strip for Your Husband." Nonetheless, his recordings are great, sleazy lounge songs, filled with Latin beats, slurring orchestration, and sudden drum fills that sound just right for an unexpected thrust of the hips or twirl of a tassle.

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